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The first thing required in hiring an appraiser is that you must decide what it is that you want to know. “What is this worth?” is simply not a meaningful or sufficient question.

Denver Diamond Appraiser. Gem Appraisal, Jewelry Appraisals

Gem Appraisals in Denver- Neil T. Beaty offers Diamond Appraisal, Gem Appraisals, Jewelry Appraisal, in Denver’s premier Gem Lab.

American Gem Registry, Denver Colorado, maintains a modern Gem Lab equipped with the finest instruments available.

Jewelry Appraiser Neil T. Beaty will walk you through the appraisal process while you watch
Appraisals come in many forms. Neil is an expert appraiser for sellers, buyers, attorneys for property matters, insurance pre-loss documentation, and expert witness appraisals.

Neil T. Beaty GG (GIA) ICGA (AGS)
The American Gem Registry, LLC. is Colorado’s premier full service, gemological laboratory, and jewelry appraisal service.

We are Colorado’s oldest AGS Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser.


Put bluntly, some documents are more credible than others: A laboratory grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGSL) is usually highly regarded. Other laboratory reports are viewed with different levels of caution, depending on the reputability and consistency – or lack thereof – of that lab. The credibility of an “appraisal” document also depends on its origin: Seller-issued appraisals are frequently and notoriously inflated. A true independent appraisal from an outside expert (someone completely unattached to the original sale) can be highly considered, but such appraisals are rare unless you hire one done yourself.

For Jewelry Appraisals, The more reliable your sources of information the more persuasive they will be, but it’s possible that some nuances may not be addressed in the best of lab reports or appraisals: Subtle damage may have occurred in wear since the time of grading. Industry developments may have taken place, in the area of cut-quality for example, which can potentially reduce a diamond’s current value. Sometimes even the best of lab reports do not totally agree with the reality seen by an expert buyer.

We support both buyers and sellers of diamonds, gems, & jewelry with independent, accurate, USEFUL information.

For individuals, sellers, insurance companies, and attorneys for insurance, estates, taxes and other purposes. While you wait and while you watch service.

Jewelry Appraisals Denver, Diamond Appraisals and Diamond grading while you wait, including cut evaluations. All grading to GIA, and AGS standards by Colorado’s oldest Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser.

Grading is by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Our lab is equipped with Saran Diamension, ASET, Idealscope, AGS, and GIA certified master diamonds and computerized raytracing. We can screen for synthetic diamonds and can detect many gem treatments.

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Very knowledgeable and friendly. As I walked in I had an immediate sense of trust and professionalism. I was there to have my ring appraised for insurance purposes and I have very limited knowledge about gems. It’s a bit like learning a foreign language. Neil was truly thorough with his explanation of the ratings of my diamond. Which made the whole process a lot easier. He took time to explain the ratings and was able to demonstrate what he saw under the magnifying glass by projecting it on a large screen TV so that I could not only understand his rating but visualize it as well. After reading many reviews I admit I must concur. I highly recommend Neil at American Gem Registry. And when it’s time for an upgrade I will definitely use his services again. His prices are fair and his knowledge is both broad and impressive.
Christal R

Neil is fantastic! Went in this morning to get a diamond “recertified” and it was a really great experience. He was capable of the GIA certs, but in my case it wasn’t necessary. He has quite the set up in his shop and i was very impressed with his high degree of professionalism throughout the process. I was able to ask him a multitude of questions and was even able to ask him questions about the new setting. Since he has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years he knows quite a bit. He explained prices on the setting I was considering and what to expect from local jewelers. He wouldn’t make endorsements because he works with most reputable jewelers in Denver. I thought that that spoke well to his integrity. The experience lasted about 40 minutes for my single diamond and wasn’t painful or boring!
Thomas C

Over the years I have referred many clients to American Gem Registry and I just want to say how comfortable I am sending my clients to Neil for an unbiased opinion on any piece of jewelry. His in-depth knowledge of not only the jewelry and diamond markets and his understanding of what makes a good appraisal is a constant source of amazement to me. Unlike so many appraisers who just write up what they think is a value, Neil takes the time to listen to his clients and write a report based on which market the appraisal is for, whether it be for an estate, for insurance or some other use that would require a specific appraisal for that purpose. Denver is very lucky to have an appraiser of his talent and ethical standing in the Jewelry business. Neil is known and respected by jewelers across the country.

Ron F

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