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Professional Jewelry Appraisals
Denver, Colorado

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The American Gem Registry provides professional diamond, gold, and jewelry appraisals (by appointment only) and education from Denver, Colorado.

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Where do I get Jewelry Appraisals near me?

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Where do I get jewelry appraised for free?

You don’t. There is no such thing as a “free” jewelry appraisal. Independent professional advice comes with professional fees. The ‘free’ services are selling you something. 

 Bids should be free and without obligation and they should be clear that that’s what they’re doing. 

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Jewelry Appraisals in Arvada, Colorado

Well, if you’ re near ME, which means, Denver, Boulder, Broomfield or really the whole front range, give me a call or an email. It’s worth the drive from as far as Cheyenne and Colorado Springs. Really. I have the top qualifications, I charge reasonable and transparent prices, and I do the work while you wait and while you watch if you like.

A special note: “Free” is not free. They’re selling you something and if it’s not an appraisal, it’s something else.

Jewelry Appraisal Reviews

Jeffy Graham-Alford
Jeffy Graham-Alford
September 28, 2022.
Neil was extremely helpful and honest with his assessment. He fully explained what I could expect in selling an engagement ring, which led me to not getting a formal appraisal. I was very impressed by his honesty.
Matt McKinney
Matt McKinney
September 20, 2022.
I've never had jewelry appraised before, but it was a really easy process. Neil was great, especially because I accidentally saved our appointment for the wrong day and he had no issues rescheduling me. Highly advise checking him out if you need something appraised.
Jane F Myers
Jane F Myers
July 29, 2022.
Neil is a trustworthy, excellent gem appraiser! I would recommend him to anyone needing gem services in valuations. Second to none! JM, GG
Debbie Aragon
Debbie Aragon
June 13, 2022.
Neil is outstanding- I had a number of pieces that I had no idea about value - Neil was very personable, conscientious, knowledgeable, honest, and thorough - I would highly recommend Neil and American Gem Registry with the highest confidence and without hesitation! Deb
Balin Yurglich
Balin Yurglich
May 7, 2022.
Neil is very professional and an expert. He is very efficient and thorough. We definitely recommend him.
Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley
October 5, 2021.
My experience with Neil was great. Very knowledgeable and helped me understand diamonds/appraisal process more fully. Helped me check that diamond I bought online was real, was the specs suggested, and priced appropriately. Would recommend him to anyone trying to get a diamond or other types of gems appraised. Thank you Neil!
Caitlin Emery
Caitlin Emery
March 3, 2018.
Neil is such a great guy. He not only did a great job on the appraisal, but he also explained everything and told us what the insurance company would need etc. Additionally he gave us so much information about diamonds and ours specifically. It was a wonderful experience and I would utilize his services in the future!
October 9, 2013.
Neil is an astonishing expert, and likely the most experienced appraiser in the entire state, if not the entire country. From the moment I walked in, Neil spent more than enough time answering my questions, and gave me a history on differences in diamond cut and grading from different labs that was absolutely fascinating. I never, during the entire visit, did I feel rushed. It is evident from Neil's enthusiasm that he takes a lot of pride in what he does, and he passes that on to the consumer. If you are looking to get a diamond appraised in the Denver Metro area, I would HIGHLY recommend you visit with Neil over anyone else. I felt VERY confident that my appraisal was done correctly, and, he seamlessly sent my information over to Perfect Circle Insurance so that my request for coverage was expedited. Please, do yourself and your jewelry a favor, and pay Neil a visit. I promise you won't regret this decision.


How Much Does a Jewelry Appraisal Cost?

Why do I need an appraiser?

Do you offer same-day appraisals?

Yes, but I’d really prefer at least 24 hours notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I wait and watch while you appraise my jewelry?

In a word, yes, and most clients do. The only qualifier is that it takes about 30 minutes apiece to do the inspection, take the photographs, measure everything, etc. If you’ve got more than a half a dozen or so items, it’s kind of a long wait. It’s also possible to do some while you wait and come back to pick up others. It’s all up to you.

How long does a jewelry appraisal take?

Each item takes approximately 45 minutes to appraise. The more items, the longer the appraisal.

What is an "item" of jewelry?

Yes. An “Item” is any piece of jewelry and may contain, or have set, any number of gemstones.

• Unset or unmounted gemstones are considered one item.
• A pair of earrings is the exception to this rule and considered one item.
• An “item” is any single piece of jewelry. It may contain any number of gemstones.
• An ‘item’ may also be a single unset gemstone.

• A “set” is any set of items which can be lost separately, and must valued separately.

Do you appraise gold?

Yes! Gold appraisal is an important part of my work. Call or schedule online if you have any questions. 

Do you offer on-site jewelry appraisals around the world?

Yes. I offer a fully mobile appraisal service and am available around the world. I routinely do work in banks and peoples homes for chain of custody type reasons or when the client just isn’t comfortable packing things up and coming to see me in Arvada. I’ve gone as far as Singapore and Ireland and routinely visit client sites in and around Colorado.  Contact me for pricing and scheduling, 303 – 223- 4944. 

Can you appraise damaged items?

Short answer: Yes.
Call me for an appointment.

What does "appraised value" mean for jewelry?

I try to avoid using the term entirely because it causes so much confusion. The problem is that customers don’t even understand what’s confusing about it. “Just tell me what it’s worth.”

Here’s the problem:

Cynics often want to define value as what someone will give you.  That is one definition, but it’s almost never the one used in a jewelry appraisal.  Someone? Who? Not all potential buyers pay the same. Not all potential buyers are interested at all. Even within the range of professional buyers, say jewelry stores, how much they may be willing to pay contains variables like how many similar things they already have in stock, how much money they have in the bank, how popular things like that are their neighborhood, etc. These are important elements of value and they will certainly affect the bid, but they’re not elements of the property.  

This definition gets even worse when you note that it includes what someone will give YOU. Do they think you’re a sucker? Do they just dislike you? They can offer or charge whatever they want, just as you can decline any offer you want, but don’t confuse that process for an appraisal. That’s a bid or a sale, even if it’s in writing on a piece of paper titled Appraisal.

The usual jewelry appraisal, probably 90% of them, is prepared for insurance purposes. The idea is as documentation that will become part of an insurance contract where the insurer can reasonably expect to replace the item with another of like kind and quality, or words to that effect, in the case of a loss. Normally this means replacement with another at retail, new, locally. Replace. Like kind. Retail. New. Local. All 5 of those words can cause troubles.

“Replace” means they plan to give you a new item, not a check. If they can get it cheaper than you, and usually they can, that’s what they’ll do. The big insurance companies employ full time professional shoppers. They buy a lot of jewelry, and they have a pretty good idea what things cost. Submitting an appraisal that says it’s worth twice as much doesn’t change that. Their job is to fund the replacement. If you decline the replacement, they owe you for what it would cost them to replace, not the bottom-line value conclusion on your appraisal. In this case, think of the appraisal value as the maximum limit of liability.

Defining like kind and quality is really what the appraisal is for. Weights, grade, dimensions, manufacture, style, size, that sort of thing. Think of it as the purchase order for the replacement. Everything counts. Grades, weights, designers, photographs, model numbers, special things like ‘hearts and arrows’, everything. If it’s important to you and especially if you paid extra for it, it should be in your appraisal.

Retail. This is another confusing word. It means the price that an item changes hands to the end consumer. It doesn’t mean some more-or-less random number that the store discounts from. It’s not the same as MSRP. This can get tricky because not all stores charge the same for their time and talents. A ring that costs $1000 from one place may be $2000 at another. Differences can be as subtle as the brand mark on the inside of a ring or the nature of the warranty…