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American Gem Registry LLC

Neil T. Beaty GG (GIA) ICGA (AGS)

The American Gem Registry, LLC. is Colorado’s premier full service, gemological laboratory, and jewelry appraisal service.

We are Colorado’s only AGS Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser and we support both buyers and sellers of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry by supplying independent, accurate and USEFUL information.



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For individuals, sellers, jewelers, insurance companies and attorneys. In the US, the most widely recognized gemological credential is the Graduate Gemologist Diploma issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This is a college that teaches gemology. They have competitors who also do an excellent job but you should be careful to understand any credential that you are relying on. GIA also has other programs that can result in claims like “member of the GIA alumni association” or “GIA Graduate”. Pay attention. A GG after their name is a good sign, as is FGA, FGAA, and FCGmA from organizations overseas

Diamond Grading

The AGR Diamond Quality Report is a self-contained full description of the gemological properties of a diamond. If you’re a retailer, this gives you solid 3rd party confirmation that you are selling what you expected. No more nasty surprised when the client shows their new item to an ‘appraiser’ who then rips apart your grading because you’re using a lab that’s little more than a paper mill. No more fees from GIA that leave you wondering what happened to your profit and no more wondering why it took so long to get your money out of the stone. We do it right, we do if quickly, and we do it for a fair price.

Gem Lab

All stones are graded on-site by a GIA Graduate Gemologist and our private and secure gem lab is equipped with the finest tools available including the Saran Diamension cut measuring system, ASET, Idealscope, AGS and GIA certified master diamonds, raytracing technology, and photomicrography. All work can usually be done while you wait, and while you watch. With our mobile lab, we can come to you and we are happy to work in cooperation with banks, accountants, attorneys and private individuals worldwide. We are proud to be the only Rocky Mountain location for Gemprint International, the only court proven system for tracking individual diamonds.


Preserve your documentation in our registry. Make it public as a powerful marketing tool, or keep it private. The bulk of our work is in analysis and documentation of your items. This document package can certainly help you to sell your goods. We are equipped with the best photographic equipment and offer a very efficient service in preparation of your items for print or digital media marketing. The online registry is a free service included for a full year with all of our resale appraisal clients with appraisals done since June 1, 2008. The registry contains the photos, scans and description data from jewelry items that we’ve examined in our appraisal practice.