A Victorian-era style border, the top half of a pair.


A border in the Victorian style, the bottom half of a pair.

While there are many different types of diamond and jewelry appraisals, which you can read more about by clicking here, jewelry appraisal pricing is straightforward. It costs $150.00 for the first item, and $85.00 for every additional item thereafter.
If you have any questions or are unsure about what you have, give us a call at 303-223-4944 or schedule an appointment online today!

Why do I need an appraiser?

  1. Insurance requires it.
  2. Other jewelrs requires it.
  3. You want to sell your jewelry.
  4. You need an Expert Witness.
  5. Quality Control—Did you buy what you thought you did?

Do you offer same-day appraisals?

Yes, but I’d really prefer at least 24 hours notice.

Can I wait and watch while you appraise my jewelry?

In a word, yes, and most clients do. The only qualifier is that it takes about 30 minutes apiece to do the inspection, take the photographs, measure everything, etc. If you’ve got more than a half a dozen or so items, it’s kind of a long wait. It’s also possible to do some while you wait and come back to pick up others. It’s all up to you.

What is an "item" of jewelry?

Yes. An “Item” is any piece of jewelry and may contain, or have set, any number of gemstones.

• Unset or unmounted gemstones are considered one item.
• A pair of earrings is the exception to this rule and considered one item.
• An “item” is any single piece of jewelry. It may contain any number of gemstones.
• An ‘item’ may also be a single unset gemstone.

• A “set” is any set of items which can be lost separately, and must valued separately.

How long does a jewelry appraisal take?

Each item takes approximately 45 minutes to appraise. The more items, the longer the appraisal.

Do you offer on-site jewelry appraisals around the world?

Yes. I offer a fully mobile appraisal service and am available around the world. I routinely do work in banks and peoples homes for chain of custody type reasons or when the client just isn’t comfortable packing things up and coming to see me in Arvada. I’ve gone as far as Singapore and Ireland and routinely visit client sites in and around Colorado.  Contact me for pricing and scheduling, 303 – 223- 4944. 

Can you appraise damaged items?

Short answer: Yes.
Call me for an appointment.

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