registry by denver appraiser

American Gem Registry does not sell or broker ANY physical goods ever.

We provide services to Gem and Jewelry professionals.

The bulk of our work is in analysis and documentation of your items. This document package can certainly help you to sell your goods. We are equipped with the best photographic equipment and offer a very efficient service in preparation of your items for print or digital media marketing.

The online registry is a free service included for a full year with all of our resale appraisal clients with appraisals done since June 1, 2008. It is also available as an upgrade for other types of appraisals or if you would like it extended beyond the first year. We can often create a registry entry for items included in appraisals prepared as far back as 2004. It is only available for the original appraisal client. Contact us if you are interested in including something that we’ve inspected.

The registry contains the photos, scans and description data from jewelry items that we’ve examined in our appraisal practice. You are welcome to use this information in your own advertising or just as a backup record of what you have. You may copy the pictures and text if you would like or you can link directly to the registry page. As a rule, linking works better because it provides assurance to your buyers that the photos and text have not been altered by either you or any third party.

Your registered item can be set to different privacy levels.entirely private, password protected, visible only to you and those you share the password with

Hidden: .visible only to you and those you share the password with No ownership details will be shown

Visible: will be shown in catalogue, but no contact details given. This category will suit those wishing to use data hosted on the registry to include in online sales platforms such as Ebay and Amazon where direct contact with the seller is not allowed.

Featured: Items will appear on this page as seen below, contact details, links to sales venues and pricing may be shown on this page.

Buyers of items in the registry are advised that inclusion in the registry is NOT a guarantee that the item you receive is the one described or that it hasn’t been altered since the date of inspection. The way to be assured that what you are getting is what you are expecting is to arrange an appraisal with an Independent Appraiser. If you’re in Denver, we offer this service and if you are out of town we can either refer you to someone in your area or, with permission from the seller, can re-inspect the piece in your behalf and can arrange shipment directly to you from our secure location in Denver.

Where are the prices?

Prices will vary from situation to situation and each appraisal is unique to that situation and that client. For this reason, pricing information is NOT included in the registry nor is available by email or telephone from us. We also exclude any personally identifiable information about our clients. We take our privacy policy seriously and do not release this information without specific request from our clients or a court order to do so. As a seller, you already have the prices in the appraisal report we prepared at the time of inspection and that relate to your specific situation. You are, of course, welcome to charge whatever you and your buyer can agree upon. As a buyer, you are encouraged to hire your own appraiser, whether it’s us or someone else, and rely on your own experts advice in deciding if the deal is right for YOU.

registry by denver appraiser