Why Gemprint?

Why Gemprint?

Gemprint is a system for tracking individual diamonds.  You may have seen them featured on CSI or Law&Order. Their depictions aren’t entirely accurate, as tends to be the case with TV shows, but they get the concept right. The Gemprint machine shines a laser into the stone and captures a computer image of the reflection. This image gets registered into an international database along with things like your GIA or any other lab number if you have one, along with how to reach the registered owner. Aside from being cool, it turns out that this image is a court-tested way of identifying a particular diamond.  Unlike a girdle inscription, it can’t be erased without recutting the stone and there’s no way to tell it’s there simply by looking.  Put bluntly, it’s a way to catch bad buys and to recover stolen merchandise.

If that’s not enough, there’s more.


A growing list of insurance companies offers a significant premium discount, every year for as long as you own the stone. How big?  Most are 10%.  That’s often enough to cover the cost of a Gemprint from a single premium.  If you’re paying more than $40/month in insurance premiums, this comes back on the very first day.  It’s like money for nothin’.


American Gem Registry is proud to be the only Gemprint center in Colorado.  It only takes about 10 minutes and the protection lasts forever. We’ve been associated with Gemprint since 2003 so you know we know what we’re doing.


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We can do it in conjunction with any of our appraisal and estate services.  We can even add it on at the time, you don’t need a separate appointment. It’s especially useful for tracking pieces through the probate process and can be used, in court if necessary, to match a stone even years later.