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Diamond Appraisal

 The role of a Diamond Appraiser in the jewelry business is a strange one.  Jewelry is, at it’s heart, a fashion product and fashion tends to defy technical details.  How do you identify the prettiest painting or the finest piece of furniture?

At the same time, there are technical details in Diamond Appraisal . Sellers make technical representations about grades, sizes, manufacturers, and so on.  Buyers ask the same needling questions and are very unhappy if they don’t hear the right answers. The following are some brief tutorials I’ve prepared that may be of use to both buyers and sellers.  Collectors and investors.  Insurance companies and their insureds.  Hopefully I can make the whole jewelry industry, and especially the appraisal part of it, just a little less intimidating

A  Diamond Appraisal is a report, either written or oral, describing an object and a related marketplace. It usually involves describing a theoretical transaction wherein the object is sold in an arms length transaction between at least two unrelated parties. For example, it could be a statement that the estimated retail replacement price of a similar item at a jewelry store in Denver would be $xxx. An appraisal will always declare a value and an explanation of what market is being described.

An Appraiser is someone who prepares appraisals. They may do other things as well.

An authentication report is a statement of the important qualities of a particular object. This can be a GIA Diamond Quality Report or it can be a report demonstrating that the ring was once owned by Elvis or that it was made by Cartier. In both cases, this is an important piece of the value. These are also available on coins, fine art, sports memorabilia and most other kinds of items that people wish to have appraised. The appraiser may or may not be the same as the authenticator.

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Diamonds are worthy of a little research as probably the most popular gem ever.

Most of the rules governing Diamonds also apply to other crystalline faceted gems.

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Like any specialized area of research, there are many scientific and technical terms for gems and jewelry Click here for an explanation of terms that will help  you understand the technical language.

Hiring an Appraiser


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