Fancy clarity

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Fancy clarity In the gemstone world, clarity generally refers to inclusions or other impurities in a stone, and inclusions are normally counted as a bad thing. Gems are supposed to be pure as snowflakes and normally the price goes down … Continued

Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting meets the computer age. A fair fraction of the jewelry you see is made by lost wax casting. An original is made of wax, that’s encased in a plasterlike material known as investment. After it sets up … Continued

Like-kind and quality

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Like-kind and quality.   Most jewelry insurance policies are designed to make a customer whole again in the case of a loss. They’re agreeing to replace a lost or destroyed item with another of “Like-kind and quality”. What that means … Continued

Antique synthetics

Antique synthetics. Synthetic gems have become a major talking point in the jewelry business thanks to some new production methods in the growing of diamonds, but synthetics have been around since the 1870s.  Really.  We’ve had antique synthetics for decades. … Continued