Selling lab-grown diamonds.

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Selling lab-grown diamonds. One of the popular discussion pieces of the discourse about lab-grown diamonds is that they have no resale value. That’s why you should buy natural, mined stones.  I’m a fan of natural diamonds, but I’m here to … Continued

Fancy clarity

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Fancy clarity In the gemstone world, clarity generally refers to inclusions or other impurities in a stone, and inclusions are normally counted as a bad thing. Gems are supposed to be pure as snowflakes and normally the price goes down … Continued

Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting meets the computer age. A fair fraction of the jewelry you see is made by lost wax casting. An original is made of wax, that’s encased in a plasterlike material known as investment. After it sets up … Continued

Like-kind and quality

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Like-kind and quality.   Most jewelry insurance policies are designed to make a customer whole again in the case of a loss. They’re agreeing to replace a lost or destroyed item with another of “Like-kind and quality”. What that means … Continued