August 21, 2016

Diamond Grading

Diamond Grading


Diamond Quality Report

The AGR Diamond Quality Report is a self-contained full grading description of the gemological properties of a diamond. We’re better, we’re faster, and we’re cheaper than our competition. Most stones can be examined while you wait and we give you a laminated document explaining exactly what you have. If you’re a retailer, this gives you solid 3rd party confirmation that you are selling what you expected. No more nasty surprised when the client shows their new item to an ‘appraiser’ who then rips apart your grading because you’re using a lab that’s little more than a paper mill. No more fees from GIA that leave you wondering what happened to your profit and no more wondering why it took so long to get your money out of the stone. We do it right, we do if quickly, and we do it for a fair price.

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