August 21, 2016




Appraisal Services

  • Insurance Replacement Appraisals $95 for the first item, $65 for each additional item on the same appraisal.Includes all services that apply.
  • Prepurchase consultation $95 per item. Includes all services that apply.
    Appraisals for resale $95 per item.
  • Estate sorting.  The first 15 minutes of sorting is free.  Beyond that is billed at $140/hr.
  • Non-tax Estate Appraisals $140/hour for multiple item appraisals or the same as the Insurance Replacement pricing if it turns out to save you money.
  • Estate Appraisals (taxable).  $140/hour or by estimate.
  • Charitable Contribution Appraisals.  $140/hour or by estimate.
  • Research $140/hour or by estimate.
  • Appraisal updates $65 for prior AGR appraisals with no important changes in the item.
  • Court testimony and deposition services $800/half day.

Lab Services

  • Diamond Consultation (weight, color, clarity ONLY). Verbal report $50/stone.
  • Gemstone Grading Report $95/stone.
  • Sarin Report $75/stone.
  • Diamond Quality Report ($75/stone)

Additional Services

  • Jewelry Photography By estimate. Photos are included in all of the appraisal reports above.
  • Training available for jewelers and insurers $140/hr.
  • Jewelry Registry $15/item per year.
  • Travel.  Denver Metro Area $100 plus the cost of the appraisal.  Outside of the Denver area by estimate.  Travel available worldwide.

In most cases, our services can be performed while you wait and while you watch. You can walk out with your jewelry and your documents in hand. We’ll even give you an additional copy for your insurance company or your attorney if you would like.


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